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Weight Loss

Definitive Guide for Weight Loss

Obesity can happen for several reasons – some of them being a sedentary lifestyle, genetics, health conditions like thyroid, diet or simply the result of some medications. Whatever the reason, obesity can put a human being at the risk of increased heart diseases, diabetes, stroke, liver diseases etc. Losing weight is difficult and tedious, but it can bring significant health benefits. Regarding the success of the weight loss journey, exercise, diet, and consistency are the important factors that ensure results. Here is a definitive guide for your weight loss journey:

weight loss journey

Limit High-Glycaemic Carbohydrate Foods:

One of the habits that can help you in your weight loss journey is being mindful of your food intake. Make sure that you consume protein with every meal. Protein is known to suppress hunger and make us feel fuller fast. Protein-rich meals with ample fibre and healthy fat can curb cravings and make us feel fuller for a longer period. It is also significant to keep high glycaemic food to a minimum – these food items are known to cause blood sugar level peaks immediately after consuming them. When it comes to food, the lesser processing it has gone through, the healthier it is. Some examples of high glycaemic carbohydrates include potatoes, bread, white rice etc.

Consume More Fruits and Veggies:

Consuming more fruits and veggies can help you with your weight loss journey. Fruits can be consumed when you crave sugar instead of desserts, cake or ice cream. Fruits are low in calories and are also rich in nutrients and antioxidants. Be sure to purchase organic food that is available locally in the neighbourhood. Incorporate more seasonal fruits and veggies to make your diet less expensive. One of the other factors to keep in mind is to eat more during breakfast and progressively decrease your portions towards the end of the day.

Stay Hydrated:

While you are on your weight loss journey, it is important to stay hydrated. You must reduce the intake of carbonated water, juice, tea, alcohol, coffee etc. The calories from sugar water are called empty calories as they don’t provide any nutritional benefits. However, replacing a meal with a nutrient and antioxidant-rich smoothie or smoothie bowl is a healthy option. If you want to consume coffee, stick to unsweetened dairy-free ones. Or avoid them altogether by quenching your thirst through the water.

Physical Activity

Physical Activity:

Physical activity is vital for both physical and mental health. Consuming more calories than required and living a sedentary lifestyle are primary reasons for fat accumulation in adults. One hour of moderate physical activity such as walking, Swimming or Pilates is ideal. If you are starting with exercising, it is important to start small and slowly build up the intensity and duration. If it is impossible to dedicate one hour daily to exercise, try to incorporate at least three days a week. While trying to be a regularly exercising person, it is important to choose activities that you might personally enjoy. Some examples are dancing, Pilates, yoga or Swimming.